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element.drag and conflict

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I got some trouble with binding a drag event and a click event on the same elements : function(){


when the drag end, the click event is catched … any idea ?

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  • Created 9 years ago
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YealZoycommented, Jan 12, 2016

you can add click event to drag event in the third parameter “onend”,I tested when I clicked the element,the drag event “onstart” & “onend” happend,and you can set a flag ,when the event through the “onmove” you can set change the flag,I sorry my english is so poor,I must paste the code.

                            var tz_tag = true;

                tz_tag = false;


                                                //do something
                    tz_tag = true;

tobiascapincommented, May 1, 2016

For me a click event is a fast mouseDown+mouseUp without mouseMove between these events. During my tests I found that a click event is fired at mouseup at the end of the drag, for me this is an issue. If I’m dragging I’m not cliccking.

Let’s say that I select an element with click and I want to move selected element with drag, the effect is that at drag end I lose element selection because an unwanted click is fired on it (I made a workaround with a “isDragging” flag, with this flag I ignore a click if I’m dragging the element).

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