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You have a HelpText method, can you also add a HelpIcon method that produces the below HTML after the label?

<a title="" role="button" data-original-title="" data-toggle="popover" data-placement="auto" data-content="Help text description here, with support of <strong>html content.</strong>" data-trigger="focus"><span class="fa fa-info-circle"></span></a>

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  • Created 7 years ago
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johnwccommented, Nov 18, 2016

You should not be doing anything with the label in the method. You can use this extension that I created to accomplish this. You can remove the ShowRequiredStar call if you want, I did not want it to be there if there was a help icon.

public static BootstrapLabel<TModel> HelpIcon<TModel>(this BootstrapLabel<TModel> label, string helpText, string helpTitle)`
    if (!string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(helpText))
        TagBuilder a = new TagBuilder("a");
        a.Attributes.Add("title", helpTitle);
        a.Attributes.Add("role", "button");
        a.Attributes.Add("data-original-title", "");
        a.Attributes.Add("data-toggle", "popover");
        a.Attributes.Add("data-placement", "auto");
        a.Attributes.Add("data-content", helpText);
        a.Attributes.Add("data-trigger", "focus");
        a.Attributes.Add("data-html", "true");
        TagBuilder span = new TagBuilder("span");
        a.InnerHtml = span.ToString();
        label.AppendHtml(new MvcHtmlString(a.ToString()));
    return label;
markusgudcommented, Nov 18, 2016

I tried using the new AppendHtml function to add an icon with popover. The problem is that it will be rendered outside the label, so it will ruin the form layout.

I also tried this, which works fine, except when the “required star” is shown, then the icon is rendered between the label and the “required star” instead of after the “required star”.

  var lbl = tb.Label().Widths(Model.LabelWidths);
@lbl.LabelText(Model.Label).LabelHtml(Html.Bootstrap().Icon("glyphicon glyphicon-info-sign").Popover(new Popover(Model.Label, Model.Popover).Closeable())).ShowRequiredStar(Model.IsRequired)

Is it possible to make sure it is rendered as the last element within the label always?

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