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Invalid regular expression: /\${[^}]+}/: Incomplete quantifier

See original GitHub issue

After optimization: /\$\{[^}]+\}/u -> /\${[^}]+}/u, I have Invalid regular expression error:

const regex1 = /\$\{[^}]+\}/u

const regex2 = /\${[^}]+}/u;
VM356:1 Uncaught SyntaxError: Invalid regular expression: /\${[^}]+}/: Incomplete quantifier
    at <anonymous>:1:16
(anonymous) @ VM356:1

Same with:

  • /{{([^{}]+?)}}/gu -> /\{\{([^{}]+?)\}\}/gu: Lone quantifier brackets
  • /\$\{$/u -> /\${$/u: Incomplete quantifier
  • /^\/([^\\[]|\\.|\[([^\\\]]|\\.)+\])*\/[gimuys]*$/u -> /^\/([^[\\]|\\.|\[([^\\\]]|\\.)+])*\/[gimsuy]*$/u: Unterminated group
  • /\$\{[^}]+\}/u -> /\${[^}]+}/u: Incomplete quantifier
  • /\\(\$\{|\r\n?|\n|.)|["']|\$\{|(\r\n?|\n)/gu -> /\\(\${|\r\n?|\n|.)|["']|\${|(\r\n?|\n)/gu: Incomplete quantifier

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  • Created 2 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

EvgenyOrekhovcommented, Jul 26, 2021

One more minimal reproduction:

/\]/u -> /]/u: Lone quantifier brackets

DmitrySoshnikovcommented, Jul 26, 2021

@EvgenyOrekhov thanks for the extra example. I won’t appreciate a PR fixing this issue if you’d like to come up with one.

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