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Parser: fix Octal escape such as \75 to be treated as an Octal number, not Decimal

See original GitHub issue

Should parse into:

  "type": "Char",
  "value": "\\75",
  "kind": "oct",
  "symbol": "=",

And not to:

  "type": "Char",
  "value": "\\75",
  "kind": "decimal",
  "symbol": "K",

See LegacyOctalEscapeSequence in Annex B:

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  • Created 6 years ago
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  • Comments:11 (6 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

DmitrySoshnikovcommented, May 12, 2017

Yeah, with u flag it’s an invalid encoding. I’m not sure whether regexp-tree needs to actively and fully support Annex B (after all it’s a depurated legacy stuff). Probably only for interpreter module, which still should interpret /\75/.test('='); as true. Not sure if it’s even essential for the parser now. But for the parser, yes, it goes to LegacyOctalEscapeSequence.

DmitrySoshnikovcommented, May 14, 2017

@qfox, ah, autocorrect for “depurated”, but that’s right 😃 Yeah, I think we still need to fix and treat \75 and other as Octal, and match = in the interpreter.

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