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Issue with dynamic routes

See original GitHub issue


Thanks for this barba alternative=)

Currently testing it out but I’m having one issue. Links to Dynamic pages (Wordpress single pages) doesn’t work properly. It works the first click/entry after a page refresh, but going between pages and then trying to enter a dynamic route causes a hard refresh. Any idea why?


import '../css/app.scss'

import Highway from '@dogstudio/highway'

// Renderers
import Home from './home'
import Location from './location'

(() => {
	const links = [...document.querySelectorAll('.js-site-head__menu-link')]

	const H = new Highway.Core({
		renderers: {
			home: Home,
			location: Location
		transitions: {


	H.on('NAVIGATE_IN', (from, state) => {
		for (const link of links) {

		  if (link.href === state.url) {

Single renderer:

import Highway from '@dogstudio/highway'
import Smooth from '../scroll'

let smooth

class Location extends Highway.Renderer {
	onEnter() {
		smooth = new Smooth()

	onLeave() {
	onEnterCompleted() { }
	onLeaveCompleted() { }

export default Location

Single page file (twig templating)

{% extends "base.twig" %}
{% block content %}
<article router-view="location" class="o-scroll js-scroll">
	<div class="o-scroll__content js-scroll__content">

{% endblock %}

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  • State:closed
  • Created 5 years ago
  • Comments:14 (10 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

deJongcommented, May 24, 2018

In addition to @jesperlandberg, there is always a hard refresh of the page once a link is loaded dynamically in the router view and clicked.

The transition works, but after about 100ms there is still a hard refresh.

Simple example:

   <main router-wrapper>
      <article router-view>

        <ul class='nav'>
          <a href='#'>link</a> <!-- works when page is loaded normally but not when loaded by router view --!>

Anthodpntcommented, May 25, 2018

@deJong @jesperlandberg

Ok perfect! I’ll close the issue then. Don’t hesitate to share Highway.


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