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Dragging from top corners cause y coordinate to rapidly go negative

See original GitHub issue

According to React DevTools, the y coordinate ended up set to -752.3333333…. Usually both top corners cause this, but when I was taking this screen recording, that was the first time it didn’t (for the first one, top left). The bottom corners have not exhibited this behaviour at all.


React: v16.13.1 React Crop: v8.6.2 (can’t use 8.6.3 because it causes #355 but without a border set)

const [crop, setCrop] = useState({ aspect: 3 / 2 });
const PHOTO_MIN_HEIGHT = 1080;
const PHOTO_MIN_WIDTH = 1029;
const photoSrc = {
  url: URL.createObjectURL(file),


  onImageLoaded={(imageElm) => imgRef.current = imageElm}

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  • Created 3 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

DominicTobiascommented, Jun 6, 2020

Hah damn, thanks for checking, will investigate. Probably the issue was already there.

jacob-fueledcommented, Jun 5, 2020

It does not (seem to) occur when the minHeight and minWidth props are removed.

However, the source image height and width appear to be red herrings. When I use a photo that is larger than those minimums, the issue still occurs (when the mins are set).

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