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Ctrl+W does closes entire window or previous tab, not just the history tab.

See original GitHub issue

When you press Ctrl+W in VSCode it’s supposed to close the active tab. However this does not work for the Git History log window.

Instead, when you only have one tab open showing the Git History and you hit Ctrl+W - the entire VSCode window closes.

Alternatively, when you have more than one tab open but Git History is the active tab, when you hit Ctrl+W - the previously active tab closes along with the Git History tab.

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wayneblosscommented, Dec 31, 2019

Oddly enough, I updated the extension to 0.4.12 in one instance of VS Code and the problem seemed to go away. Then I tried in the other instances and it remained. After I restarted all instances of VS Code, it was back.

I will investigate more, compare to my Mac and Windows machines or check if it is possibly caused just by my VS Code settings.

wayneblosscommented, Jan 17, 2020

I found how to reproduce this: Put focus on the VS Code titlebar first.

When you do this while a file tab is open, Ctrl+W closes it properly.

However, when you do this while Git History is the last active tab that is still open, Ctrl+W causes one of two bugs:

  1. If Git History is the only tab open, the entire VS Code instance is closed.
  2. If Git History is not the only tab open, the next most recently active tab gets closed along with Git History.

It seems as though the extension tab is supposed to end processing of Ctrl+W somehow and it doesn’t do that in this case.

I’ve also compared this behavior to some other non-code windows such as: Settings. Details page for an Extension. In each case, even if I click on the VS Code titlebar before hitting Ctrl+W - the correct tab closes.

However, as I type this I decide to try one more: Release notes. This one exhibits the same behavior as Git History.

So far, I’ve only tested this on my Linux (XFCE) desktop. I bet this is really a VS Code issue and that your extension doesn’t even manage anything surrounding window/active tab management. So, I’ll just leave my notes here for now.

P.S. I don’t have any other extensions that create their own document tab to test against… P.P.S. It’s even more likely an XFCE issue.

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