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"Unrecognized file stat status 'c" when clicking on a commit

See original GitHub issue


  • I opened “View History (git log)” on a remote SSH hosts Git repo.
  • I clicked on the first commit

Result Output console on bottom opens with this output message:

git shortlog -e -s -n HEAD  (completed in 0.01s)
git remote show origin -n  (completed in 0.019s)
git log --full-history --pretty=oneline --date-order --decorate=full --skip=0 --max-count=100 master --  (completed in 0.024s)
git rev-list --full-history --count master --  (completed in 0.036s)
git show --pretty=oneline --decorate=full --numstat 7af34e120c9931fa3abb308941c044b0af2c5bb6  (completed in 0.009s)
git show --name-status --pretty=oneline -M --first-parent 7af34e120c9931fa3abb308941c044b0af2c5bb6  (completed in 0.006s)
Unrecognized file stat status 'c

Remote host has this software:

  • CentOS Linux 7 (Core)
  • git version

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  • Created 3 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

zhanglintccommented, Jul 2, 2021

I have the same issue. It seems caused by the git version. I update my git version from 1.8.3(CentOS 7 default git version) to 2.30.1, the problem has gone.

ponchofiestacommented, Jul 4, 2021

CentOS 7 is supported till 2024. Thus Git is too (like it is done in all Linux Distributions).

OK, then this extension needs some newer unspecified Git version. I can live with that.

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