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Google unable to boot after weresync completes.

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Hey there, I’m not able to get Google VM to boot after completing the sync from a 1TB to 200GB disk. There’s plenty of room (only using about 45GB), but there are some odd messages that popup when I’m completing the migration.

Creating new GPT entries. The operation has completed successfully. Checking partition validity. weresync.interface - Partition count on two drives different. Invalid. Partitions invalid! Copying drive partition table. weresync.interface - Drives are incompatible. The operation has completed successfully. weresync.device - Invalid filesystem type found. Partition 14 not formatted. Beginning to copy files. weresync.device - Error copying data for partition 14 from device /dev/sda to /dev/sdb. Copying partition 15 Copying partition 1

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  • Created 4 years ago
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1upkdcommented, Oct 29, 2021

Was stuck with the issue and this helped. Thanks @ClarinetK622

This is an old post, but I tried to follow the solution here and had no luck. For those who are still running into problems, here is an alternative solution.

I was able to resolve my issues booting a weresync shrunken drive in GCE by creating the new smaller drive from a public bootable image (Ubuntu 18.04 LTS: ubuntu-1804-bionic-v20210504). This marks the the drive as UEFI compatible, whereas when I started with a blank drive it would not let me set it as a boot disk on my UEFI instance. It also created a partition 14 on the new drive by default which weresync always failed to copy over from the old one (not sure how important this is). I then mounted the drive onto my VM and cloned my source boot drive to it using weresync with the following command. Notice my source drive has an EFI partition, which also may have been the cause of my problems when following the above solutions.

sudo weresync -C -L grub2 -E 15 -g 1 /dev/sda /dev/sdc

I then stopped the server, replaced the large boot drive with the smaller one, and it booted right up. I had to reconfigure my fstab to get my secondary drive to mount properly, but that’s it. Hopefully this helps someone stuck in my position where seemingly no solutions worked!

ClarinetK622commented, Oct 29, 2021

@1upkd Happy to be of service! This is an annoying problem to run into, for sure.

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