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AResourceManager load usage

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I’m trying to find the proper way to use AResourceManager, and I don’t see too many examples so I thought I’d see if you can help.

The example in the readme shows you can load a Texture2D and the manager can assign it to the DrawInfo component (which I believe it’s just assuming any entity with a ManagedResource<string, Texture2D> will have). But this example already breaks down when you show how to load multiple resources of the same type. The circle.png will presumably overwrite square.png in the entity’s DrawInfo.

So how would this work in a real-world scenario? Let’s say you need a texture for a character, and a texture for his footprints. The manager wouldn’t know where to put each. You could create a separate manager for each kind of Texture2D (e.g. a CharacterTextureManager and FootprintTextureManager). These would be mostly identical though, except for the field, or maybe component, that you’re setting. I thought you could try specifying the destination along with the texture name in TInfo, but then you’d need reflection or something to set it.

Is there a good way to specify which component or field to load resources into so that you can reuse resource managers? Hopefully the question makes sense.

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Dorakucommented, May 9, 2020

If you need any more assistance don’t hesitate to reopen this issue or create a new one, I will close it in the meantime 😉

Dorakucommented, Apr 24, 2020

no, if a resource is used by an other entity in an other world the Unload method of AResourceManager will not be called 😃 That was the whole point, so you don’t have to reload everything between screen.

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