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Arcade builds source-build-reference-packages with PublicSign = false

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Building .NET 6 on RHEL 9 through source-build fails out of the box. There is a detailed investigation of the underlying issue at The TLDR is that source-build uses RSA+SHA1 to sign assemblies, and that operation fails when SHA1 is not available - as is the case in RHEL 9 and being planned for a future version of Fedora.

The errors building source-build look like this:

/home/dotnet/dotnet-sdk-source-6.0.106/.dotnet/sdk/6.0.105/Roslyn/Microsoft.CSharp.Core.targets(75,5): error : Unhandled exception. Interop+Crypto+OpenSslCryptographicException: error:03000098:digital envelope routines::invalid digest [/home/dotnet/dotnet-sdk-source-6.0.106/src/source-build-reference-packages/artifacts/source-build/self/src/src/referencePackages/src/microsoft.bcl.asyncinterfaces/5.0.0/Microsoft.Bcl.AsyncInterfaces.5.0.0.csproj]

src/referencePackages/src/microsoft.bcl.asyncinterfaces/5.0.0/Microsoft.Bcl.AsyncInterfaces.5.0.0.csproj has this bit of code:


Setting the StrongNameKeyId to Open makes arcade set PublicSign to false:

And that uses full signing. Based on, it sounds like we want to switch to <PublicSign>true</PublicSign>?

cc @jaredpar @jkotas @MichaelSimons @tmds

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

richlandercommented, Jun 18, 2022

I interpreted the answer as this (close to what you said):

  • If you are building a library with .NET Framework consumers, use full signing.
  • If you are building .NET 7 w/o any concern for legacy scenarios, switch to PublicSign and offer no other option.

I’d suggest that only the Microsoft official build of .NET enable full signing, and possibly only for Windows. Anyone else (like Red Hat) should go with PublicSign. I’m unaware of any downside for that.

omajidcommented, Feb 9, 2023

I just filed to track how to make this flexible on arcade’s side (and then we can look at scenario-specific fixes as part of the VMR)

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