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--folder option is different in SDK bundled tool vs. mainline

See original GitHub issue

Using the nightly (5 hours old) .NET SDK 6.0.100-rtm.21514.1 with bundled dotnet-format, --folder option doesn’t have any effect.

$ dotnet6 format --version

# note that despite --folder, it is trying to load the workspace from csproj
$ ls *.cs | dotnet6 format --include - --folder -v:d
  The dotnet runtime version is '6.0.0-rtm.21513.22'.
  Formatting code files in workspace '/home/am11/projects/cs1/cs1.csproj'.
    Determining projects to restore...
  Restored /home/am11/projects/cs1/cs1.csproj (in 251 ms).
  Project cs1 is using configuration from '/home/am11/projects/cs1/obj/Debug/net5.0/cs1.GeneratedMSBuildEditorConfig.editorconfig'.
  Project cs1 is using configuration from '/home/am11/.dotnet6/sdk/6.0.100-rtm.21514.1/Sdks/Microsoft.NET.Sdk/analyzers/build/config/analysislevel_5_default.editorconfig'.
  Running 1 analyzers on cs1.
  Formatted 0 of 4 files.
  Format complete in 10099ms.

with latest 5x (3 days old) downloaded from, we get:

$ dotnet-format --version

$ ls *.cs | dotnet-format --include - --folder -v:d
  The dotnet format version is '5.1.250801+4a851ea9707f87d381166c2fc2b2d4b58a10a222'.
  Formatting code files in workspace '/home/am11/projects/cs1'.
/home/am11/projects/cs1/Program.cs(1,1): error WHITESPACE: Fix whitespace formatting. [/home/am11/projects/cs1]
/home/am11/projects/cs1/Program2.cs(1,1): error WHITESPACE: Fix whitespace formatting. [/home/am11/projects/cs1]
  Formatted code file '/home/am11/projects/cs1/Program.cs'.
  Formatted code file '/home/am11/projects/cs1/Program2.cs'.
  Formatted 2 of 2 files.
  Format complete in 3514ms.

The expected behavior implemented by

Was it intentionally dropped out of .NET 6?

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

cliffchapmanrbxcommented, Apr 8, 2022

As we’re rolling out .NET 6 across our build infrastructure we got burned by this today.

We have a repository with over 1700 separate csproj files and around 800 SLN files. All told there’s approximately 5.5 million LoC in the repo. To keep the entire repository in line we’ve been using an automated dotnet tool run dotnet-format --folder . command on the root of the repo for automatically applying fixes to folk’s pull requests. This workflow has worked great to keep things in check, especially as we have a well defined .editorconfig based on the Roslyn one with all of the rules written out.

It doesn’t appear that there is any way to replicate the current 5.X folder functionality, as the --folder option is only available for whitespace and not style.

am11commented, Oct 16, 2021

Yup, I’m mainly using it for performance because the default, project workspace, takes ages in large projects. 🙂

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