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Dotnet build and publish don't have parameters for platform

See original GitHub issue

Steps to reproduce

Have a csproj file with conditional configs as such: <PropertyGroup Condition="'$(Configuration)|$(Platform)' == 'Debug|x64'">

Expected behavior

There’s a configuration parameter (dotnet build -c Debug) (dotnet publish -c Debug) that fills in $(Configuration) so I expect there to be a parameter to fill in $(Platform)

Actual behavior

There is no parameter and specific configuration details don’t get applied because Platform does not get set to x64

Current Work-around

Explicitly setting the Platform EV for the current command prompt using SET Platform=x64

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

livarcocccommented, Dec 1, 2018

You can pass it using dotnet build /p:Platform=x64

CanIGetaPRcommented, Dec 1, 2018

Shouldn’t that be added to the documentation then?

Usage: dotnet build [options] <PROJECT>

  <PROJECT>   The project file to operate on. If a file is not specified, the command will search the current directory for one.

  -h, --help                            Show command line help.
  -o, --output <OUTPUT_DIR>             The output directory to place built artifacts in.
  -f, --framework <FRAMEWORK>           The target framework to build for. The target framework must also be specified in the project file.
  -c, --configuration <CONFIGURATION>   The configuration to use for building the project. The default for most projects is 'Debug'.
  -r, --runtime <RUNTIME_IDENTIFIER>    The target runtime to build for.
  --version-suffix <VERSION_SUFFIX>     Set the value of the $(VersionSuffix) property to use when building the project.
  --no-incremental                      Do not use incremental building.
  --no-dependencies                     Do not build project-to-project references and only build the specified project.
  --no-restore                          Do not restore the project before building.
  -v, --verbosity <LEVEL>               Set the MSBuild verbosity level. Allowed values are q[uiet], m[inimal], n[ormal], d[etailed], and diag[nostic].
  --force                               Force all dependencies to be resolved even if the last restore was successful.
                                        This is equivalent to deleting project.assets.json.
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