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[dotnet-cache]: Architecture is prefixed to the --output argument

See original GitHub issue

Run dotnet cache –output <dotnet-install-dir>\packages ..

Expected: The <dotnet-install-dir>\packages has the right layout (e.g. <dotnet-install-dir>\packages\netcoreapp2.0\..) for the package cache to work

Actual: There’s an additional x64 in the output path e.g. <dotnet-install-dir>\packages\x64\netcoreapp2.0\.. which causes the packages to not be found.

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  • State:closed
  • Created 7 years ago
  • Comments:16 (16 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

eerhardtcommented, Mar 24, 2017

Why can’t we just use this one? It’s already filed, assigned to @ramarag, and describes the issue.

bleroycommented, Mar 27, 2017

@eerhardt “was there ever a decision on whether we were supporting dotnet cache developer scenarios for 2.0? From my understanding, that is what @DamianEdwards wanted, but I’m not sure what the decision was.”

Yes, it’s in, but it’s not the part of the scenario we wanted necessarily the focus to be on, since building a cache will be relatively infrequent in comparison with running or publishing against one. Since dotnet-cache is already in, we’re not likely going to yank it out, but what we might do is rename it to reflect the terminology that we settled on: “runtime package store” for the package location, and “target profile” for the file that will describe its contents and that users will be able to publish against. I’ll try to find you sometime today.

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