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dotnet pack for global tools support for Full framework

See original GitHub issue

My idea is to have both global tool, and regular application, so non developers could be targeted with app running full framework

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create global tool, and add support for multiple target frameworks
<Project Sdk="Microsoft.NET.Sdk">
  1. run dotnet pack

Expected behavior

Generate pack only for netcoreapp2.1 or provide ability to select which TFM target

Actual behavior

C:\Program Files\dotnet\sdk\2.1.300-rc1-008673\Sdks\Microsoft.NET.Sdk\targets\Microsoft.NET.PackTool.targets(42,5): error : only supports .NET Core. [XXX.csproj]

Environment data

dotnet --info output:

Пакет SDK для .NET Core (отражающий любой global.json): Version: 2.1.300-rc1-008673 Commit: f5e3ddbe73

Host (useful for support): Version: 2.1.0-rc1 Commit: eb9bc92051

Issue Analytics

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  • Created 5 years ago
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  • Comments:10 (1 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

KalleOlaviNiemitalocommented, Aug 12, 2021

Found a way to put it all in one csproj:

    <PackAsTool Condition="$(TargetFramework) != 'net40'">true</PackAsTool>

The resulting nupkg:

  • Declares <packageType name="DotnetTool" />.
  • Contains a tools\netcoreapp2.1\any directory with files in it.
  • Does not contain a lib directory.
  • Does not declare <group targetFramework=".NETFramework4.0" />.
  • Does not contain net40 binaries.
  • Can be installed by dotnet tool install and run.
  • May still declare things like the following. ☹
         <frameworkAssembly assemblyName="WindowsBase" targetFramework=".NETFramework4.0" />
moh-hassancommented, Oct 30, 2018

I faced the same problem and I did the following workaround solution:

To avoid creation of shared project:

  • The console application is multi-target (net45;netappcore2.1) ASIS, no PackAsTool

  • Create new project for the global tool (MyGlobalTool.csproj) : netappcore2.1 with PackAsTool = true Add reference to MyConsole project application

      <ProjectReference Include="..\Myconsole\Myconsole.csproj" />

    in netcoreapp MyGlobalTool project, create a class with Main method that call MyConsole.Main()

     class Program
      	static void  Main(string[] args)
      		MyConsole.Program.Main(args); //Main method in MyConsole application.

The advantage of this solution:

  • Avoid creation of shared project (Two projects instead of three projects)
  • Creating two different packages one with PackageId /content/tool for MyConsole (net45) and Another package for netcoreapp2.1 with its PackageId /content/tool (netcoreapp2.1 tool) (I need to distribute two different nuget packages: Myconsole (net45)/MyGlobalTool (netcoreapp2.1)
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