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`dotnet script` making C# / f# a script language

See original GitHub issue
dotnet script --lang c# --langversion 7.2
C#>Console.WriteLine("hello world")
"hello world"
C#> import "./myCSharpScript.csx"; // or require("./myCSharpScript.csx")   or import {MyStaticFunctions} from "./myCSharpScript";
C#> MyStaticFuntions.Sayhello("john")

Making C# a script language and give it a environment

Other feature need in script environment

  1. Definition file (like typescript for example “Cake.csd”) [editor feature]
  2. import/require to import a script
  3. nuget and dll file suport (“#r #nuget better to use an keywork making it more like scripting”)

I really hope that I can easily run C# scripts outside visual studio

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  • Created 5 years ago
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dasMullicommented, Jul 15, 2018

fyi already implements C# scripting and even has a few more features than roslyn’s csi

livarcocccommented, Mar 8, 2019

I would say ask on the roslyn issue: dotnet/roslyn#17666.

Actually, I am going to close this issue against that one.

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