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Getting the version (patch) incremented prior to build/publish

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From @GuardRex on November 26, 2015 20:39

The version that matches what we’ll see in VS published output matches the version in project.json, so starting with …

"version": "1.0.9"

… will lead to folder named 1.0.9 in <output_folder>/approot/packages/<project_package>.

If I establish a PS script that would modify the project.json version and run that script in prepare or build

"scripts": {
  "prepare": [ "powershell.exe -ExecutionPolicy ByPass -file %project:Directory%/net5-autoupdate-version.ps1" ]

… it does increment the version in project.json, but it does so after the build/publish. The version showing in project.json at that point is always one patch number higher than the actual version in the package that I’m publishing. I have the same outcome if I try to hook the script in the vsweb-publish script prior to the Publish-AspNet command.

Is there a way to (or a tip to) auto-increment the project version (patch) when publishing, preferably with a version (patch) number in project.json that matches the package version (patch) in the output folder?

Copied from original issue: aspnet/dnx#3209

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RehanSaeedcommented, May 21, 2016

NPM has the version command which lets you bump up each number. Having the same for dotnet would be great.

TheRealPiotrPcommented, May 20, 2016

@PhilipDaniels that sounds interesting. Can you take a look at It would be great to have these tools available as dotnet extensions!

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