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Implicit restore for cli tools

See original GitHub issue

dotnet build now has implicit restore and it’s considered a good thing.

Unfortunately we don’t have it for cli tools.

Consider commands like: dotnet fable webpack-dev-server (see

They just fail with something along the lines “Can’t find command “dotnet-fable” not found”


It would make things so much easier if cli would restore in that case and rerun.

Environment data

dotnet --info output : 2.0.0

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cartermpcommented, Sep 27, 2017

I think that (3) is the right behavior; that is, I expect that people would want all tools restored if they have them specified in their project files.

Then, if the command still doesn’t exist, could we probe for commands which do exist and list them in the error message?

$ dotnet fabuhl

No executable found matching command "dotnet-fable".  The following tools are available:


Did you mean one of these?

I’d assume that any error due to a long restore on a slow connection wouldn’t be different than for any other package, right?

forkicommented, Aug 30, 2018

While I’m really looking forward for repository wide tools since day 1 (I’m original author of FAKE and Paket which always have been repository wide tools) I really think it’s unfortunate to call these “local”. In my opinion project tools continue to be super important, especially in times when we upgrade compilers in larger solutions. Let’s assume fable 2 was released an I want to upgrade. Now I may want to do this project by project and not in one big bang.

I hope you folks reconsider and continue to work on both “local” versions.

Alfonso Garcia-Caro schrieb am Mi., 29. Aug. 2018, 23:12:

Thanks a lot for the information and the link @KathleenDollard! I didn’t understand very well when @livarcocc talked about local tools but I’m very glad to see you’re planning to cover the repo-wise scenario (actually I do prefer tools being repo-wise rather than project-wise). Is there a place where, as a tool author, we can follow the progress of this and give our opinion? At the moment my wish list would be:

  • Being able to pin the version repo-wise (I see you’re already on it). I guess @forki would love if this can be managed from a 3rd tool like Paket, but at a minimum I’d prefer not needing another extra file for this (global.json can be a good option indeed).
  • The tool would be installed automatically when restoring if not present in the machine.

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