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Option --list-tests should take into account --filter option

See original GitHub issue

I’m trying to execute one particular test so I specify a filter, but dotnet test executes several tests. So I need to understand what tests my filter captures. I would expect that --list-tests with --filter tells me. But it doesn’t. --list-tests always shows all tests ignoring --filter option which is a pity.

Steps to reproduce

dotnet test Tests.csproj --list-tests --filter FullyQualifiedName~MyClass.MyMethod

lists only tests satisfying the filter

Expected behavior

lists only tests satisfying the filter

Actual behavior

lists all tests in assembly

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  • Created 6 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

wli3commented, Aug 23, 2017

Hi @evil-shrike thank you for the issue. You are correct, --list-tests only lists all the tests. We will discuss this enhancement.

Hi @Faizan2304 is there any existing vstest API can do that?

shatulskycommented, Mar 17, 2023

Workaround for this case using nunit3-console

choco install nunit-console-runner
nunit3-console.exe "C:\Projects\MyProject\Tests\bin\Debug\net7.0\Tests.dll" --where="cat==Smoke||cat==ProdHealthCheck" --explore

filters format for dotnet test and nunit3-console are different In my case to convert my filer from TestCategory=Smoke|TestCategory=ProdHealthCheck to cat==Smoke||cat==ProdHealthCheck I had to make a few replaces

TestCategory -> cat
= -> ==
| -> ||

And as a result, the --where + --explore attributes output only the test list that matches the specified filter as expected.

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