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Should the CLI support user default setting values

See original GitHub issue

Working with a Razor Pages app. Having to type the namespace value over and over when adding a new page to the application.

> dotnet new page --name Index -na MyAppName.Pages.Area -o Pages/Area

> dotnet new page --name NextPage -na MyAppName.Pages.Area -o Pages/Area

Solved with creating local variable

> ns=-ns=MyAppName.Pages

> dotnet new page --name Index  $ns.Area -o Pages/Area

The Azure CLI offers user defaults once set the user does not have to specify them in the actual command at all.

az configure --defaults location="East US" group="mysuperappgroup" 

location = East US  
group = mysuperappgroup 

# create a web application usually needing the above location and group specified.
az appservice web create -n myapp

It would suffice that the dotnet application should support this feature for things like --framework, --language, --nuget-source etc. without having to have the developer script specifically via bash, powershell or some other means.

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ghostcommented, May 4, 2018

In .gitconfig we can define aliases like:

    dnc = !dotnet new console -n $2


with usage: git dnc myConsoleApp. This works across the platforms/shells (as git installer itself packs unix shell in Windows for cmd/powershell usage). .dotnetconfig or .netconfig with [alias] support would be a great match!

livarcocccommented, May 4, 2018

@KathleenDollard @nguerrera another application for dotnet config

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