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The dotnet pack doesn't work together with -p:NuspecProperties when multiple properties provided

See original GitHub issue

When calling the

dotnet pack project.csproj -p:NuspecFile=project.nuspec -p:NuspecProperties="version=11.0.0;year=2021" --verbosity quiet --output c:/temp

command to pack a NuGet package providing multiple properties (version, year), only the first one is replaced in nuspec file with the provided value. Others are resolved as an empty string.

project.csproj file image

project.nuspec file image

nuspec file in resulted package image

Is there anything I am missing or there might be a bug in passing the properties?


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kordyscommented, Feb 9, 2021

It looks like this approach works as you described.

The thing is I followed the documentation here:

Where there is this statement: NuspecProperties: a semicolon-separated list of key=value pairs. Due to the way MSBuild command-line parsing works, multiple properties must be specified as follows: -p:NuspecProperties=“key1=value1;key2=value2”.

And since the values of the properties are in my case dynamically populated (evaluated as part of the build pipeline), I wanted them to be provided as dotnet pack arguments.

For now, I use plain string replace to provide the values to the nuspec file as a workaround.

Hopefully, it makes sense.

kordyscommented, Jan 29, 2021

When I reverse the order it’s the same behavior - only the first parameter is replaced - the year in this case. SPlitting the properties this way:

dotnet pack project.csproj -p:NuspecFile=project.nuspec -p:NuspecProperties="version=11.0.0" -p:NuspecProperties="year=2021" --verbosity quiet --output c:/temp

doesn’t help either. Unfortunately, the second argument value overrides the first one, so in this case, only the ‘year’ is replaced (Actually the pack fails because the version is empty since it is not replaced with the correct value).

So sadly nothing from the provided workarounds work.

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