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Version 4.0.5 seems incompatible with .NET 6

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Hi there,

We tried updating to version 4.0.5 of IDisposableAnalyzers, but get an error during dotnet build:

CSC : error CS9057: The analyzer assembly '....\.nuget\packages\idisposableanalyzers\4.0.5\analyzers\dotnet\cs\IDisposableAnalyzers.dll' references version '' of the compiler, which is newer than the currently running version ''. [....csproj]

This is with the most recent version of the .NET 6 SDK: v6.0.407.

With IDisposableAnalyzers 4.0.4, everything is fine. Maybe something changed recently in this project? Unfortunately, I could not find a way to see the diff between 4.0.4 and 4.0.5.

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canon-benoit-lecardonnelcommented, Apr 10, 2023

FWIW, here is a reproducer project:

When writing this reproducer, I noticed that this issue is only reported as a warning by default. I had to enable TreatWarningsAsErrors to make it fail the build. When TreatWarningsAsErrors is off, the build passes, but it stops reporting any issue with IDisposables (probably because it did not manage to load the analyzer).

I did not manage to make it work from the dotnet CLI (although I did not look for a long time). So it would be great to go back to a previous version indeed, especially since .NET 6 is still under active support by Microsoft until November 2024.

SeMuellcommented, Jun 14, 2023

Issue is related to dotnet/sdk#32598 and dotnet/format#1546 Since the most recent SDK update 7.0.304 I can confirm that it is fixed.

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