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Migrating from 1.7 to 2.0 Questions

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Novice geospatial programmer migrating a large code using 1.7 to 2.0 and running into a variety of issues. Not sure if this is the correct venue to ask them. Please advise

Is there any guidance out there that would help a migration from 1.7 to 2.0? I read some brief tips in the Wiki for the jump from 1.9 to 2.0. Anything addressing 1.7 to 1.9?

I have been formulating changes as I go using the DotSpatial documentation, but not 100% the changes will work just because Visual Studio says its happy with it. There are a lot of changes to make, but similar ones are coming up so I’ve collected the major ones.

  1. Checking intersection between to polygon features - I ran into a similar problem with a Coordinate intersecting a polygon Feature - my solution was to create an Envelope from the Coordinate and use the IFeature.Intersects() method. How is this accomplished with two polygon Features?

  2. Getting the intersection or difference between to polygon features - 1.7 code used feature1 = feature2.Intersection(feature3); Migrated to featrue1 = feature2.Intersection(feature3.Geometry); Will this generate the same result both Intersection() and Difference()?

  3. Area of polygon Feature - The 1.7 code used the feature.Area() method. My solution with 2.0 was to use DotSpatial.Plugins.Taudem.Utils.AreaOfPart(feature,0); Is this correct? Is there a “better” approach?

  4. Centroid of polygon feature - IFeature.Centroid() is no longer available - migrated to IFeature.Geometry.Centriod

Thanks Ted

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jany-tenajcommented, Nov 14, 2017

This should do the same without having to depend on Envelope.

Coordinate coordMin = ConvertCoordinate(new Coordinate(extent.MinX, extent.MinY), pStart, pEnd);
Coordinate coordMax = ConvertCoordinate(new Coordinate(extent.MaxX, extent.MaxY), pStart, pEnd);

return new Extent(coordMin.X, coordMin.Y, coordMax.X, coordMax.Y);
jany-tenajcommented, Nov 12, 2017

This was moved to Feature.Geometry also. Check out Feature.Geometry.EnvelopeInternal.Minimum.

In case you need the extent for a Feature envelope just use Feature.Geometry.EnvelopeInternal.ToExtent().

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