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Performance of 8-layer GCN

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Hi DropEdge Team,

I am running experiments on 8-layer GCN (using DropEdge) in the semi-supervised setting. I used the default hyper-parameters as 2-layer GCN and changed --nbaseblocklayer 0 to --nbaseblocklayer 6 in script/semi-supervised/ On Cora dataset, the 2-layer GCN performance is 82.8% while 8-lay GCN is only 16%, not 75.80%. Could you please tell me how I can reproduce the results shown in readme?

Thank you.

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  • Created 3 years ago
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InfluenceFunctioncommented, Aug 20, 2020

I have the same problem as you,It should be that the parameters of the multi-layer GCN are not given, and you cannot simply set --nbaseblocklayer 0 to --nbaseblocklayer 6 in script/semi-supervised/

klchaicommented, Dec 23, 2020

You can try to modify these parameters,such as weight_decay, sampling_percent and dropout. For multi-layers model with no parameters provided, I get good results by tuning these parameters,but there is a small gap compared with the results of the paper ------------------ 原始邮件 ------------------ 发件人: “DropEdge/DropEdge” <>; 发送时间: 2020年12月8日(星期二) 晚上6:47 收件人: “DropEdge/DropEdge”<>; 抄送: “流觞曲水”<>;“Comment”<>; 主题: Re: [DropEdge/DropEdge] Performance of 8-layer GCN (#8) I also have the same problem. Have you guys fixed the problem? — You are receiving this because you commented. Reply to this email directly, view it on GitHub, or unsubscribe.

What are your parameters? When I try to reproduce the multi-layer GCN, the nhiddenlayer is fixed to 1 and I can only modify nbaseblocklayer. Thanks in advance.

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