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Broken message in cache after ModifyAsync with added embed

See original GitHub issue


GetMessageAsync returns a message with no Content, if it was previously edited with ModifyAsync to add an embed. (it doesn’t reproduce if no embed added on edit)


D#+ 3.2.3 (no custom sockets) (got couple of confirmations it also happens on 4.0 nightly) .Net Core 2.2

Steps to reproduce

First, add the following commands:

private ulong testMsgId = 0;

public async Task Test1Async(CommandContext ctx)
    var  msg1 = await ctx.RespondAsync("test message");
    testMsgId = msg1.Id;

    msg1 = await ctx.Channel.GetMessageAsync(testMsgId);
    await ctx.RespondAsync($"A: {msg1.Author.Username} at {msg1.Timestamp}: \"{msg1.Content}\"");

public async Task Test2Async(CommandContext ctx)
    if (testMsgId == 0) { return; }

    var msg1 = await ctx.Channel.GetMessageAsync(testMsgId);
    await ctx.RespondAsync($"A: {msg1.Author.Username} at {msg1.Timestamp}: \"{msg1.Content}\"");

    if (msg1.Content != null)
        await msg1.ModifyAsync(
            new DiscordEmbedBuilder { Description = "test", Timestamp = DateTimeOffset.Now }

    msg1 = await ctx.Channel.GetMessageAsync(testMsgId);
    await ctx.RespondAsync($"B: {msg1.Author.Username} at {msg1.Timestamp}: \"{msg1.Content}\"");

Then, run them in the following order:


Every command should output “test message” in place of {msg1.Content}. But after first run of .test2 has modified it, on the second run it is empty.


I hope to have a fix or workaround for 3.2.x, unless you releasing 4.0 like tomorrow.

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  • State:closed
  • Created 4 years ago
  • Comments:5 (4 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

Emzi0767commented, May 28, 2019

It’s a classic Apple goto fail; bug.

Naamlooscommented, May 28, 2019

Fix coming up, will backport to 3.x as well

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