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VoiceNext doesn't return a VoiceNextConnection, despite connecting to the channel

See original GitHub issue


VoiceNext connects to a channel, but doesn’t return a reference to the connection, or add it to the ActiveConnections Dictionary.


There aren’t any exceptions, errors, or debug/trace calls. Both GetVoiceNext().ConnectAsync(channel) and channel.ConnectAsync() exit out of the method on call and don’t return anything. Trying to retrieve a connection through VoiceNextExtension.GetConnection(guild) don’t do anything, and stepping through the code shows that the ActiveConnections Dictionary is empty the entire way through.

The bot has Admin persmissions, the setup works fine, and trying to get a ref to VoiceNext through Client.GetVoiceNext() works fine.

Win10x64 .NET Core 3.1 VS2022 D#+ 4.1.0 (Latest stable, nightly builds don’t work either though)

        public async Task JoiningCommand(CommandContext ctx, DiscordChannel channel = null)
            channel = ctx.Member.VoiceState?.Channel;
            connection = await ctx.Client.GetVoiceNext().ConnectAsync(channel); // Quits here and doesn't return
            // connection = await channel.ConnectAsync(); // Doesn't work either
            Console.WriteLine("connected"); // Never gets to this line


I’ve already tried stepping through the code a million times, downloaded the Natives package on NuGet, downloaded the opus and sodium dlls manually, renamed them, put them everywhere (root, runtimes folder, next to the solution, etc), and tried the nightly builds. Nothing works.

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  • Created a year ago
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VelvetToroyashicommented, Mar 28, 2023

Hi! Sorry about the lack of attention to this issue; it’s been brought up across the Discord the last week and we’ve been trying to make sure everything is in order for us to make a 4.4 stable release in an expedited manner. That will hopefully happen soon given there’s nothing major on our backlog. Thank you for your patience on this regardless. 😃

airbreathercommented, Mar 29, 2023

let us know if a 4.3.1 containing the VNext fix would be useful for you

Not for me, thanks though.

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