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[Question] What's the best way to get the constructors of all the parameters of a method?

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Hey there!

First of all, congratulations on this AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING project! I’m astonished by the flexibility it provides and how much easier it is than using the typescript compiler API.

I’m a beginner to the typescript compiler API, so I still have some questions:

Say I have this example code

type Person = {
  firstname: string;
  age: 34;

class Place {
  private lat;
  private lng;
  constructor(lat: 123, lng: 543) { = lat;
    this.lng = lng;

export class Animal {
  bark(toWhom: Person, howManyTimes: 4) {
    return "bark!";

I want to create a program that given a class name (say Animal), will pick a random method of it (say bark) and call it with parameters that make sense.

For that, I need to be able to

  1. Given a class name, get the class
  2. Given a class, get all the methods
  3. Given a specific method get all the parameters
  4. Given a list of parameters, get their respective types
  5. Given a list of types, get how to construct an instance of each type.

I’ve managed to solve 1-4. However 5) is eluding me.

Here’s what I have so far

import { Project } from "ts-morph";

const project = new Project({
  tsConfigFilePath: "./tsconfig.json",

const sourceFiles = project.getSourceFile((f) => f.getClasses().length === 2);
const aClass = sourceFiles?.getClasses()[1]; // Animal
const methods = aClass?.getMethods();
const aMethod = methods![0]; // Animal.bark
const theParams = aMethod.getParameters();
const aParam = theParams[0]; // toWhom

const paramType = aParam.getTypeNode();
console.log(paramType?.getKindName()); // TypeReference
console.log(paramType?.getText()); // Person

Now I need to get “ahold” of the Person class in order to be able to read its constructor and the types of the constructor params to know how to create an instance of it.

But how would I go about doing that?

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  • Created 3 years ago
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dsherretcommented, Mar 1, 2021

@mikealche oh, my bad! I mixed this up in my head and was acting like this was typeof Person.

In this case, you can get the parameter’s type, then from the type go to the symbol and then to the class declaration:

const classDecl = toWhomParam.getType().getSymbol()?.getDeclarations()[0];
if (Node.isClassDeclaration(classDecl)) {
  for (const ctor of classDecl.getConstructors()) {
dsherretcommented, Mar 1, 2021

@mikealche no problem! 🙂 Feel free to open another issue if you have more questions.

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