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Bring clarity when colour aren't available

See original GitHub issue

I’m concerned by the UX when colour aren’t available. What does this mean?

[error] /src/main/scala/Bar.scala: 2 [1], 4 [2]
[error] /src/main/scala/Foo.scala: 2 [3]

Brainstorming, I wonder if it would be more intuitive if it were:

[error] /src/main/scala/Bar.scala: [1] (2 times), [2] (4 times)
[error] /src/main/scala/Foo.scala: [3] (2 times)

Another alternative, perhaps, is to use letters rather than numbers to label the errors. So it might be [A] (2 times)

I was also playing around… what about [1] (2x) as short hand for “2 times”…

I don’t have any clear winners, but I thought I should open an issue to start a conversation.

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yawaramincommented, Jul 20, 2017

One reasonably common way to identify line numbers is with an ‘L’ prefix. We can extend that by prefixing errors with ‘E’.

[error] /src/main/scala/Bar.scala: L2 [E1], L4 [E2]

A ‘legend’ at the start (or end) of the error report would be nice though:

Ln: line number n
En: error number n
dwijnandcommented, Jul 19, 2017

Another alternative to letters is prepending with a hash, so it kind of looks like an issue number: #1.

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