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Your compiler is totally buggy

See original GitHub issue
  1. You added the typeKey utility function in the end of the payload so it will not run… Fix: Add it to the beginning of the payload/script (before the void setup(){...};).
  2. You don’t have support for PAGEUP/PAGEDOWN.
  3. You didn’t add #include <Keyboard.h> and/or #include <Mouse.h> at the beginning of the payload.

As it seems, you probably don’t even have a atmega32u4 board to test your script.

I’ve fixed all of the above in my repository.

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  • Created 7 years ago
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Nurrlcommented, Oct 18, 2016

Ok i’ll fix i said, don’t get angry…

Nurrlcommented, Oct 19, 2016

a7330f6 resolved it.

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