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One or more errors occurred. (unordered field Item) - This is probably more a question.

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Hi there! I am looking for an event store which will be friendly to F#, so the one written in F# should be perfect ;D I tried to use it with postgres + marten, but I am failing to read events if they are represented by discriminated union. Let me just give You the test that I run;

module Tests

open System
open System.Threading.Tasks
open Xunit
open CosmoStore.Marten
open CosmoStore
open FsUnit.Xunit

type DummyEvent = { IncrementedBy: int }
type DummyEvent2 = { Date: DateTime }
type Dummies =
    | Dummy1 of DummyEvent
    | Dummy2 of DummyEvent2

let ``Saving and reading`` () =
    // Arrange
    let streamId = "MyAmazingStream"

    let config: Configuration =
        { Host = "localhost"
          Username = "postgres"
          Password = "Secret!Passw0rd"
          Database = "cativity" }

    let es = EventStore.getEventStore config

    let eventWrite: EventWrite<Dummies> =
        { Id = Guid.NewGuid()
          CorrelationId = None
          CausationId = None
          Name = nameof DummyEvent
          Data = Dummies.Dummy1{ IncrementedBy = 4 }
          Metadata = None }
    // Act + Assert
    [ eventWrite ]
        |> es.AppendEvents streamId ExpectedVersion.Any
        |> Async.AwaitTask
        |> Async.RunSynchronously
        |> ignore
    let events =
        |> es.GetEvents "MyAmazingStream"
        |> Async.AwaitTask
        |> Async.RunSynchronously
    [ events.Head.Data ] |> should equal [ eventWrite.Data ]

The test breaks on event read.

One or more errors occurred. (unordered field Item)

So it is quite mysterious. Probably I am doing something wrong. Without DU it works just OK - so if we will use EventWrite<DummyEvent> Any hints? Thanks guys in advance!

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  • State:open
  • Created 2 years ago
  • Comments:13 (7 by maintainers)

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Dzoukrcommented, Jun 15, 2021

Yup, any improvement is more than welcome. 😃

kunjee17commented, Jun 15, 2021

cc/ @Dzoukr .

I guess I m ok with improvement. I haven’t touch the code since ages. These seems good improvement.

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