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Version 3 discussion

See original GitHub issue

This issue is created to track discussion about upcoming version 3 of CosmoStore and what should be its main goal. For me it is mainly about making EventStore “JSON payload representation agnostic” (in other words, do not force to use JToken) since Microsoft itself annonced new JSON API and moving away from Newtonsoft.Json coupling it its libraries. It will also allow to add other stores like LiteDB without unnecessary transformation to JToken and back.

Technically it should be quite easy to make EventWrite, EventRead and EventStore generic like:

type EventWrite<'a> = {
    Id : Guid
    CorrelationId : Guid option
    CausationId : Guid option
    Name : string
    Data : 'a
    Metadata : 'a option

Also upgrading existing libraries should be straightforward, so version 3 could be done pretty quickly.

Any other ideas? cc: @kunjee17 @ctaggart @TheAngryByrd @viktorvan

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bartelinkcommented, Sep 19, 2019

I agree its too late to do a breaking change and would put this sidenote-comment on gitter if you had one 😉

My point is that this doesnt align with EventStore and SqlStreamStore - I personally had an abstraction one-based at one point but realised in time: one-based in practice is actually agonising to work with because it doesnt align with [typically zero based]array indexing.

On the plus side, you’re in alignment with VB (the one before VB.NET) 😉

Dzoukrcommented, Sep 18, 2019

Perfect. I’ll leave it up to you. I will abstract some tests because of position is not fixed type - it is up to each implementation what to use (even in tests). Thanks again @TheAngryByrd for good idea about that.

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