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Access the fade method

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How can I access the fade method to fade in and out tracks? It’s probably obvious but I can’t find it…

I tried using the player function in useAudioPlayer but that doesn’t seem to be the right approach

 const { togglePlayPause, ready, loading, playing, stop, play, player } = useAudioPlayer({
    src: file,
    format: "mp3",
    loop: true,
    autoplay: true,
    html5: isIos,
    // try here? nope
    onplay: () => {
      player.fade(0, 1, 5000);

  useEffect(() => {
    // trying here - nope
    isPlaying ? play() : player.fade(1, 0, 100)
  }, [isPlaying]);

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  • Created 2 years ago
  • Comments:7 (7 by maintainers)

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E-Kuerschnercommented, Dec 20, 2021

@brianshano sorry for such a long delay for returning to this. I think you should be able to access fade through the player object in your useEffect, however you will need to have the player as a dependency in the array as it initially starts as null.

useEffect(() => {
  if (player) {
    isPlaying ? play() : player.fade(1, 0, 100)
  }, [player, isPlaying]);
E-Kuerschnercommented, May 12, 2021

@brianshano thanks for the issue! Your approach looks very straight forward, I’m actually surprised it doesn’t work. Tbh I have never used the fader method in my own apps, so I’m glad someone such as yourself has come along with that use case. Let me take a look next week and see if I can get a release out for you

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