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OSCORE fallback use cases

See original GitHub issue

Using OSCORE, I found a pretty simple use case where the client will not be able to connect to the server anymore.

  • I launch a leshan-server-demo
  • I create oscore config for my device in the UI
  • I launch a leshan-client-demo using the corresponding OSCORE setting
  • simulate a crash (kill -9 PID on linux), this way the client doesn’t send a deregister.
  • then I try to relaunch the client (same OSCORE config)
  • and I get a : Registration failed: UNAUTHORIZED(401) Replay detected.

@rikard-sics any idea about this ? and how we could handle this ?

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  • Created a year ago
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rikard-sicscommented, Jul 8, 2022

@rikard-sics, I’m waiting for your help pray !

Hmm, it is hard to say what is going wrong from just a look at the output. I will try to take some time to test and see if I can figure out what is happening. Today is a bit tricky but I will try to do it as soon as I can.

sbernard31commented, Jul 8, 2022

I try to investigate on this.

I don’t know what should be done in the code to be sure that appendex B.2 is used ?

Looking at cf test, I saw that maybe the carlifornium API to do that is :

// Enable context re-derivation functionality (in general)
// Explicitly initiate the context re-derivation procedure

So I tried to add this to InMemoryOscoreContextDB.deriveContext :

private static OSCoreCtx deriveContext(OscoreParameters oscoreParameters) {
    try {
        OSCoreCtx osCoreCtx = new OSCoreCtx(oscoreParameters.getMasterSecret(), true,
                oscoreParameters.getAeadAlgorithm(), oscoreParameters.getSenderId(),
                oscoreParameters.getRecipientId(), oscoreParameters.getHmacAlgorithm(), 32,
                oscoreParameters.getMasterSalt(), null, 1000);
        // 👇 I try to add this line below 👇
        return osCoreCtx;
    } catch (OSException e) {
        LOG.error("Unable to derive context from {}", oscoreParameters, e);
        return null;

But then I’m not able to connect with OSCORE anymore because of : java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Internal Leshan operations should always use a null ID Context. Raised by InMemoryOscoreContextDB.getContext(byte[] rid, byte[] IDContext)

So I tried to remove the check just for testing but this failed with :

org.eclipse.californium.scandium.dtls.cipher.InvalidMacException: MAC validation failed
	at org.eclipse.californium.scandium.dtls.cipher.CCMBlockCipher.decrypt(
	at org.eclipse.californium.scandium.dtls.cipher.CCMBlockCipher.decrypt(
	at org.eclipse.californium.cose.EncryptCommon.AES_CCM_Decrypt(
	at org.eclipse.californium.cose.EncryptCommon.decryptWithKey(
	at org.eclipse.californium.cose.Encrypt0Message.decrypt(
	at org.eclipse.californium.oscore.Decryptor.decryptAndDecode(
	at org.eclipse.californium.oscore.RequestDecryptor.decrypt(
	at org.eclipse.californium.oscore.ObjectSecurityLayer.prepareReceive(
	at org.eclipse.californium.oscore.ObjectSecurityLayer.receiveRequest(

Finally, I get to the conclusion that I’m not really able to do that without someone who really well understands OSCORE RFC and OSCORE Californium code, so I give up for now to try to do this alone.

@rikard-sics, I’m waiting for your help 🙏 !

You're my only hope

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