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Schemas/gameversion: Document denoting Live versus Legacy for CAPI data

See original GitHub issue

With Update 14 there are now two CAPI servers:

As such any EDDN Sender using CAPI-sourced data can know which galaxy it is for.

Thus it is proposed to update the documentation for gameversion to mandate that CAPI-sourced data use a string of the form CAPI-<galaxy>-<endpoint>, e.g.:

  • CAPI-Live-market - CAPI-sourced data for the Live galaxy, from the /market endpoint.
  • CAPI-Legacy-market - CAPI-sourced data for the Legacy galaxy, from the /market endpoint.

This format allows Listeners to, for example:

  1. Check for leading CAPI-, and if found.
  2. Split the string on - and utilise the 2nd and 3rd components.

If you have a good reason why your code wouldn’t be able to keep track of the galaxy it queried data from, and thus you need to continue with CAPI-<endpoint> make your case now. Obviously listeners will at least need to cope with such enough to discard the data if they so choose.

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  • Created 10 months ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

Athanasiuscommented, Nov 29, 2022

My preference would be to leave the live gameversion data string as is, e.g.

CAPI-market - CAPI-sourced data for the Live galaxy, from the /market endpoint.

CAPI-Legacy-market - CAPI-sourced data for the Legacy galaxy, from the /market endpoint.

Changing the live string adds an unnecessary complication in my opinion. And may leave us a little less prepared for any future additional galaxy splits.

The problem with that is then a Listener can’t tell if CAPI-market is because a Sender had set that up before the change and just not thought to change it after adding support for the Legacy CAPI server. A wholesale change for Live versus Legacy makes it crystal clear if they have or not.

  1. CAPI-market - an initial implementation, not updated. Could possibly be either galaxy, if the Sender added support for the alternate Legacy host.
  2. CAPI-Live-market - updated for this change, Live galaxy.
  3. CAPI-Legacy-market - updated for this change, Legacy galaxy.

Yes, it’s a corner case, but one worth keeping in mind.

Always denoting the source galaxy also means no ambiguity if quickly looking at this (unlike the game launcher where I see some people are confused as to which “Elite Dangerous: Horizons” is due to the UI/UX not necessarily also showing “Legacy Horizons” at the same time).

Athanasiuscommented, Dec 1, 2022

Merged -> develop -> master -> live.

Read more comments on GitHub >

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