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`package-lock.json` keeps being altered.

See original GitHub issue

Every single pull request made by others contains a commit that shows the package-lock.json being altered. However, the user and creator of the pull-request hasn’t done anything or made any changes. I think it automatically updates things such as the version every time someone forks and clones, and adds changes.

EDIT: An easy solution would be to create a file named .gitignore, and add the following content to it:


Thank you.

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Zain-Muizcommented, Sep 21, 2021

Heyy @CodingSpecies , I digged into this issue and looks like this is intended by npm. Whenever you run a npm install the package-lock.json file will get updated to have the newest version of dependencies. We have one possible solutions for this

  1. I’ve found that there will be a new version of npm 5.7.1 with the new command npm ci, that will install from package-lock.json only ( Stack overflow ) [ This will fail the install if there are mismatch of versions in package and package-lock rather than update]

Any other possible solutions that you can add ?

eddiejaoudecommented, Oct 25, 2021

Thanks all for he collaboration everyone 👍 yes the docs where not clear, but have now been improved

I will close this issue for now, if we need to re-open or create a new one in the future we can 🤓

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