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[Linux] 15.0.4 On Ubuntu running KDE Plasma

See original GitHub issue

On first run (after being asked to select how much EDSM data to download, and opting for “Bubble”), and on every subsequent open the following exception is thrown:

### Description
Running the application

### Additional Information
Tried using the release artefacts, also tried building from source but fails with:
./monobuild: line 6: msbuild: command not found

### Exception Details:
>EDDiscovery v15.0.4.0 A fatal exception was encountered while initializing EDDiscovery.
>==== BEGIN ====
>System.EntryPointNotFoundException: DdeInitializeW assembly:<unknown assembly> type:<unknown type> member:(null)
>  at (wrapper managed-to-native) BaseUtils.DDE.DDEServer+NativeMethods.DdeInitializeW(uint&,BaseUtils.DDE.DDEServer/DdeDelegate,uint,uint)
>  at BaseUtils.DDE.DDEServer.Start (System.String ddeapplicationname) [0x00012] in <b3f34e60c92a4cb89ecfece17436d5b0>:0 
>  at EDDiscovery.EDDiscoveryController.PostInit_Shown () [0x00048] in <c0376c8afee84da78a8ea48f807eacdc>:0 
>  at EDDiscovery.EDDiscoveryForm.EDDiscoveryForm_Shown (System.Object sender, System.EventArgs e) [0x0008f] in <c0376c8afee84da78a8ea48f807eacdc>:0 
>  at System.Windows.Forms.Form.OnShown (System.EventArgs e) [0x0001c] in <a3daa9b84fd241a497578a25f68bc3c7>:0 
>  at EDDiscovery.Forms.DraggableFormPos.OnShown (System.EventArgs e) [0x00007] in <c0376c8afee84da78a8ea48f807eacdc>:0 
>  at System.Windows.Forms.Form.SetVisibleCore (System.Boolean value) [0x00183] in <a3daa9b84fd241a497578a25f68bc3c7>:0 
>  at System.Windows.Forms.Control.set_Visible (System.Boolean value) [0x0000c] in <a3daa9b84fd241a497578a25f68bc3c7>:0 
>  at System.Windows.Forms.Control.Show () [0x00000] in <a3daa9b84fd241a497578a25f68bc3c7>:0 
>  at EDDiscovery.EDDApplicationContext.SwitchContext (System.Windows.Forms.Form newForm) [0x00022] in <c0376c8afee84da78a8ea48f807eacdc>:0 
>  at EDDiscovery.EDDApplicationContext.InitialiseEDD (System.Object sender, System.EventArgs e) [0x002d3] in <c0376c8afee84da78a8ea48f807eacdc>:0 
>===== END =====

Application unresponsive.

Also noticed the following in the console during execution: /home/rex/.gtkrc-2.0:19: error: unexpected character '\357', expected keyword - e.g. 'style'

Mono version: Mono JIT compiler version (Debian Wed Feb 26 23:23:50 UTC 2020) OS Version: 22.04.4

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  • Created a year ago
  • Comments:20 (14 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

klightspeedcommented, Jun 20, 2022

mono-complete depends on msbuild, while mono-devel only recommends it. It sounds like @robbyxp1 said yes to the recommends, while @combivanCoder said no.

klightspeedcommented, Jun 20, 2022

I just built and ran EDD from source on Debian 10, with the instructions given in the wiki.

Mono JIT compiler version (tarball Mon Feb 22 17:42:49 UTC 2021)

the CAPI needs to be disabled in the mono build I agree.

Is that from a fresh install? See

To clarify: I did not use dotnet, I simply followed the Linux instructions on your wiki (which focused on mono-complete). I was only noting the fact that I’m more familar with .NET than Mono.

The error posted was from the command instructed on your wiki.

Can you confirm that additional steps are needed beyond your wiki please?

If msbuild is not installed, then you will need apt install msbuild

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