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Does not work with "Custom URL scheme" plugin and iOS

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Hello, I’m implementing Google oauth login using SafariViewController combined with “Custom URL scheme” cordova plugin on iOS.

The oauth authentication was launched in a SafariViewController session. On authentication success redirect I show a server web page with a redirect to “myapp://authenticate” but the redirect is never executed.'myapp://link')

I tried to call “myapp://” directly in Safari browser and it works. I setted “cordova-plugin-whitelist” with the “allow-intent” for my app.

Actually I’m trying in iOS emulator, it works perfectly under Android. On xcode debug console I have this error on app start:

Internal navigation rejected - <allow-navigation> not set for url=‘about:blank’

Can you help me?

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DaniShalashcommented, Mar 13, 2019

The article clearly advise the use of Safari View Controller over in-App Browser, Which make this question valid

valimerocommented, Jun 21, 2019

It might help you,

In the redirect page I have:

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <meta charset="UTF-8">
        var app = "my-app"; // Your Custom URL Scheme
        var data =;
        window.location.assign( app + '://?data=' + encodeURIComponent(data));

But URLScheme handles only when I close SafariViewController manually (By pressing the “ok” button)

 =================url my-app://?data=%3Fstate%3D%26code%3Df3f1605bdf1590e8beb742718ba60b0c7a6d%26scope%3Dview_private
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