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Crash on scan (NS7)

See original GitHub issue

Hey guys,

When I hit scan on my app it crashes with the following log :

container_system_group_path_for_identifier: success Got system group container path from MCM for /private/var/containers/Shared/SystemGroup/ NativeScript caught signal 11. Native Stack: 1 0x10121f018 sig_handler(int) 2 0x1ee37e290 <redacted> 3 0x10119d664 NativeScript::NSObjectAlloc(JSC::ExecState*) 4 0x101d477cc llint_entry 5 0x101d44f28 llint_entry 6 0x101d45ed4 llint_entry 7 0x101d265e8 vmEntryToJavaScript 8 0x1012d4e48 JSC::Interpreter::executeCall(JSC::ExecState*, JSC::JSObject*, JSC::CallType, JSC::CallData const&, JSC::JSValue, JSC::ArgList const&) 9 0x1019ebe20 JSC::boundThisNoArgsFunctionCall(JSC::ExecState*) 10 0x101d477cc llint_entry 11 0x101d44f28 llint_entry 12 0x101d265e8 vmEntryToJavaScript 13 0x1012d4e48 JSC::Interpreter::executeCall(JSC::ExecState*, JSC::JSObject*, JSC::CallType, JSC::CallData const&, JSC::JSValue, JSC::ArgList const&) 14 0x1019ebe20 JSC::boundThisNoArgsFunctionCall(JSC::ExecState*) 15 0x101d477cc llint_entry 16 0x101d4636c llint_entry 17 0x101d44f28 llint_entry 18 0x101d44f28 llint_entry 19 0x101d44f28 llint_entry 20 0x101d265e8 vmEntryToJavaScript 21 0x1012d4e48 JSC::Interpreter::executeCall(JSC::ExecState*, JSC::JSObject*, JSC::CallType, JSC::CallData const&, JSC::JSValue, JSC::ArgList const&) 22 0x10120f8e8 NativeScript::FFICallback<NativeScript::ObjCMethodCallback>::callFunction(JSC::JSValue const&, JSC::ArgList const&, void*) 23 0x10120f2f4 NativeScript::ObjCMethodCallback::ffiClosureCallback(void*, void**, void*) 24 0x101210428 NativeScript::FFICallback<NativeScript::ObjCMethodCallback>::ffiClosureCallback(ffi_cif*, void*, void**, void*) 25 0x101d7b388 ffi_closure_SYSV_inner 26 0x101d7c1b4 .Ldo_closure 27 0x1a7460e54 <redacted> 28 0x1a746a7b8 <redacted> 29 0x1a74673f4 <redacted> 30 0x1a746696c <redacted> 31 0x1a745aa98 <redacted> JS Stack: alloc([native code]) at BarcodeScanner(file: app/libs/nativescript-barcodescanner/barcodescanner.ios.js:75:29) at scan(file: app/components/Checkout/ProductGrid.vue:349:0) at scan([native code]) at startScanning(file: app/components/Checkout/ProductGrid.vue:344:0) at startScanning([native code]) at invokeWithErrorHandling(file: node_modules/nativescript-vue/dist/index.js:1862:31) at _executeCallback(file: app/packages/core/ui/gestures/index.ios.ts:280:22) at file: app/packages/core/ui/gestures/index.ios.ts:137:29 at file:///app/vendor.js:30785:20 at UIApplicationMain([native code]) at run(file: app/packages/core/application/index.ios.ts:391:20) at file: node_modules/nativescript-vue/dist/index.js:12531:23 at file:///app/bundle.js:24824:10 at ./main.js(file:///app/bundle.js:24828:34) at __webpack_require__(file: app/webpack/bootstrap:74:0) at checkDeferredModules(file: app/webpack/bootstrap:43:0) at webpackJsonpCallback(file: app/webpack/bootstrap:30:0) at anonymous(file:///app/bundle.js:2:61) at evaluate([native code]) at moduleEvaluation at at asyncFunctionResume at at promiseReactionJob

I disabled ‘beepOnScan’. It doesn’t crash on the simulator, only on a real device. Any idea ?

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  • Created 3 years ago
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gabrielbigacommented, Dec 9, 2020

Hello all. Here the attribute “beepOnScan” worked on iOS 14 and V8 untime.

{N} 7 with V8 runtime:

├── nativescript@7.0.11
├── @nativescript/core@7.0.7
├── @nativescript/ios@7.0.3
├── nativescript-barcodescanner@4.0.1


export class QRCodeService
    private barcodeScanner: BarcodeScanner = new BarcodeScanner();

     * Open an pop-up to scan QR Codes.
     * @param [options] Optional options that override defaults
    public scan(options?: ScanOptions): Observable<ScanResult>
        return from(this.barcodeScanner.scan({
            formats: 'QR_CODE',
            beepOnScan: false // Solves the crash
shanxpcommented, Mar 18, 2021

@two-bridges thanks very much for your reply. I have reverted from v4.0.1 to v3.4.2 as our iOS platform is still on v6.5.4 due to memory issues in the latest iOS platform version. All looks good now. Many thanks.

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