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Unable to get the local-notification immediately without any delay when a message received from websocket

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I am trying to push notification message from webserver to my mobile client using websocket. on my websocket onmessage received event i am showing up a local-notification using the plugin(“nativescript-local-notifications”) here is the code i used

           id: 1,
           title: 'New Message from websocket' ,
           body: 'Test message',
           ticker: 'The ticker',
           ongoing: true, // makes the notification ongoing (Android only)
           sound: "customsound-ios.wav", // falls back to the default sound on Android
           at:new Date()  //same behaviour when comment out  this line
             function() {
               console.log("Notification scheduled");
             function(error) {
               console.log("scheduling error: " + error);

using the above code i am getting local-notification 5secs after the websocket onmessage received event. but if i use the same code inside the button tap event i am getting the local-notification immediately. any help or troubleshooting tips is highly appreciated.

Regards, Boobalakannan

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  • State:closed
  • Created 6 years ago
  • Comments:6 (2 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

ghostcommented, Feb 26, 2018

Thanks Nicklliev. it works well. after cloned the application deleted my previous version of the application from my device removed the node_modules, platforms and hooks folders rebuild and redeployed the application with run android

NickIlievcommented, Feb 26, 2018

@BoobalakannanSubbaiyan the issue is not reproducible on our side when the at key is removed - here you can find a sample project used with nativescript-local-notifications and nativescript-websockets.

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