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Automatically create object-getter functions

See original GitHub issue

Currently, the shortest way to convert an object id into an object value is to do SELECT MyObject FILTER .id = some-uuid. Since converting ids to objects is a fairly common operation, it seems like a good idea to auto-generate getter functions like:

type SomeObject;

# auto-generated function
function SomeObject(id: uuid) -> optional SomeObject {}

Whether it should be a regular function or some function-like intrinsic is an open question.

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colinhackscommented, Jun 6, 2022

Once we commit to implementing Elvis’s original proposal, we can add this into the query builder:

const myDirectorId = 'xxxx-xxxx-xxxx';
  e.insert(e.Movie, {
    director: e.Director(myDirectorId),

Not sure what the latest status of this proposal is though.

liron00commented, May 6, 2022

For inserting/updating links, consider:

  const myDirectorId = 'xxxx-xxxx-xxxx';
  e.insert(e.Movie, {
    director:, director => ({
      filter: e.op(, '=', e.uuid(myDirectorId)),

vs something like

  const myDirectorId = 'xxxx-xxxx-xxxx';
  e.insert(e.Movie, {
    director: e.selectById(e.Director, myDirectorId),

Because this kind of situation comes up often for me

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