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edgedb CLI command readability, verb-object regularity, usability and ergonomics

See original GitHub issue

While the following edgedb commands are clear as to what is being acted on:

edgedb create-superuser-role edgedb alter-role edgedb drop-role edgedb server reset-password

most CLI commands are more cryptic.

What would be the impact on the cognitive load for learners and developers, if we made both the verb and the object clear in the canonical version of CLI commands?

There are many approaches to regularising naming conventions. I’m not precious about which approach is chosen, just keen on improving usability and ergonomics.

I’m interested in contributing. If the edgedb team is supportive of this direction, then I am interested in assisting creation of the pull requests to chip away at this refactoring of code and documentation over coming releases. Let me know if this is of interest.

Command Possible Canonical Version Showing Verb-Object Other possibilities.
edgedb configure edgedb configure-instance Or possibly edgedb instance configure
edgedb create-migration edgedb create-migration-database Or possibly edgedb database create-migration
edgedb dump edgedb dump-database
edgedb migrate edgedb migrate-database
edgedb migration-log edgedb migration-log-database
edgedb project init edgedb project init-instance
edgedb project unlink edgedb project unlink-instance
edgedb restore edgedb restore-database
edgedb self-upgrade edgedb server self-upgrade Moving this command into the server namespace.
edgedb server destroy edgedb server destroy-instance
edgedb server info edgedb server info-version
edgedb server init edgedb server init-instance Or possibly edgedb instance init
edgedb server install edgedb server install-version
edgedb server list-versions edgedb server list-version
edgedb server logs edgedb server logs-instance
edgedb server revert edgedb server revert-instance
edgedb server start edgedb server start-instance
edgedb server status edgedb server status-instance
edgedb server stop edgedb server stop-instance
edgedb server uninstall edgedb server uninstall-version
edgedb server upgrade edgedb server upgrade-instance
edgedb show-status edgedb show-migration-status-database

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  • Created 2 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

1st1commented, Aug 12, 2021

@DavidPratten We’ve release EdgeDB b3 with your recommendations implemented, David. Thanks so much for bringing this topic up!

1st1commented, Jul 5, 2021

database dump

We considered this, but the dump command can also dump multiple different databases at once. So nesting it into the database subgroup would be confusing.

If the names of configurable flags/settings clearly indicate the object then this would be clear to developers. Otherwise consider database config , server config and instance config.

BTW, thanks to your GH threads we’re keeping the edgedb configure name (the current edgedb config rename was done by mistake; I’ll fix the RFC today). I’m not sure that splitting configuration into separate three commands would make it simpler, conceptually.

instance init

I’m on the fence about this suggestion. There pros – it’s logical, and cons - more to type, more nesting. We’ll discuss this proposal on one of our engineering calls this Wednesday or Friday.

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