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Unable to create more than one page

See original GitHub issue

Hi there,

I am trying to create PDF reports using python. I have the content for more than one page but if I generate a report it is failing to create.

Note: If I reduce the content the pdf is created with a single page.

Please help me… Thanks in advance.

My python file look like this:

import pandas
from pdf_reports import pug_to_html, write_report
from pdf_reports import ReportWriter

litems = ["apple", "banana", "cherry","apple", "banana", "cherry","apple", "banana", "cherry","apple", "banana", "cherry","apple", "banana", "cherry","apple", "banana", "cherry"]

dataframe = pandas.DataFrame.from_records({
    "Name": ["US", "Netherlands", "Germany"],
    "Status": ['Pass','Pass','Fail']
}, columns=["Name", "Status"])


df = pandas.DataFrame({'Date':['10/2/2011', '11/2/2011', '12/2/2011', '13/2/11'],
                    'Event':['Music', 'Poetry', 'Theatre', 'Comedy'],
                    'Cost':[10000, 5000, 15000, 2000]})

# Create an empty list
Row_list = []

# Iterate over each row
for index, rows in df.iterrows():
    # Create list for the current row
    my_list = [rows.Date, rows.Event, rows.Cost]

    # append the list to the final list

# Print the list

report_writer = ReportWriter(

html = report_writer.pug_to_html(title="My report",items= litems,data= Row_list)
report_writer.write_report(html, "example.pdf")

my template file look like this:

#sidebar: p Hey, I am a sidebar text ! I make your document look much more serious.

h1 {{ title }}
  You can install `pdf_reports` with Python's PIP:

    .content .header This is an important message, as per the exclamation mark.

  ##  I am a section title
{% for c in items %}
p {{c}}
{% endfor %}

{% for value in data %}
p {{ value }}
{% endfor %}

      th File
      th description
      td No Name Specified
      td Unknown
      td.negative None

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  • Created 3 years ago
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rose-ramasamycommented, Mar 23, 2021

It worked @veghp. Thanks for support.

rose-ramasamycommented, Apr 21, 2021

Hi there… This solved the issue in windows. But in Linux experiencing different issues. When I run the same program in Linux getting the following error: image

Can someone help on this?

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