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[Discussion] Make some agent components internal

See original GitHub issue

I’d like to open a discussion about our current AgentComponents and maybe to make some of the things it exposes internal.

Currently exposed through AgentComponents:

  • IApmLogger
  • IConfigurationReader
  • IPayloadSender

I know @SergeyKleyman already works on some IConfigurationReader refactoring - regardless of that, I’d like to discuss if we maybe would like to make some of those completely internal and not expose it to our users.


Mainly to simplify things.

I think some of these, especially IConfigurationReader already caused some challenges to us. Each time we change something on the public API, we make a breaking change.

Plus, all these interfaces add some complexity on the Public API of the agent - although these are optional parameters when you configure the agent, so technically users can ignore it, still, those are there, and people may wonder what those are.

I suspect it’s hard to understand those, and I’m not sure there is a subset of our user-base that even needs to understand these - unless they’d like to contribute to the agent (but that’s a different story).

On the other hand, I’m not sure our users really use those - or even that they should use those.


(or whatever equivalent we’ll have after the refactoring)

This is something that other agents I think do not expose. We already support a couple of ways to configure the agent: 1) environment variables, 2) Microsoft.Extensions.Config, 3) Web.config - if there is more, I think we should just add that and introduce some ways to switch between these configs. Overall I think it’s kind of odd that you can configure how you configure the agent 🤯


This is probably something that should remain public


Once we implement ways to turn off the agent I don’t really see any useful reason for this being public either. Furthermore other than a NoOp implementation I think it’s very hard to offer a proper implementation of this.

Now, these are some early thoughts on this, nothing is decided - I just wanted to write down my thoughts and maye have some input on these.

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  • Created 4 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

BellBatcommented, Feb 22, 2020

@gregkalapos Yes it has already changed and we have to add configs as we upgrade to the newest version. I simply see this as the price we pay.

Since the integrator also need to evaluate new functionality it is not a big deal for this use case.

gregkalaposcommented, Mar 30, 2020

I simply see this as the price we pay.

I really appreciate the way you think about this 😃

All right, closing this now - no change planned near term. Thanks everyone for the feedback!

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