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Arrows scaling changes when using zoomable-UI.

See original GitHub issue


Issue: When using zoomable-UI, resizing the window each Xarrow seems to change height and width. Thus breaking the arrow links.

Example: Here is a sandbox with it When you resize the window it detects it and renders them incorrectly.

What I tried: I tried forcing renders as in issue #30, doesn’t seem to work. Setting the SVGcanvasStyle as in issue #94 does not work either. Tried SVGcanvasStyle={{transform: "scale(1)"}} as well. Calling updateXarrow() on resizes doesn’t seem to work either. Moving it out of the Zoom-move element negates the use of it.

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  • Created 2 years ago
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metzy23commented, Nov 15, 2022

I’m also having this problem. It works fine when I use zoom instead of transform: scale(), but from what I understand, it is not a good idea to use zoom. Can someone share an example of a working solution using transform: scale()?

m3schrodercommented, Jul 25, 2022

@chakeson Yes I did 1/scale instead of just scale

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