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How do I convert SVG content to ImageSource?

See original GitHub issue

Is there a way to convert SVG content to ImageSource using this library?

Context: In my project I have a converter which converts one of my models to ImageSource. I have SVG content ready to go, but haven’t found a way to convert that into an ImageSource.

I’ve tried the following:

var cnv = new ImageSvgConverter(new WpfDrawingSettings()
    IncludeRuntime = true,
    TextAsGeometry = true,

var result = cnv.Convert(tempSVGFilePath);

I’m saving SVG content to a temporary file and I’m trying to convert the local file to ImageSource via ImageSvgConverter . But I’m getting an empty exception when executing the last line of code.

Stack trace of that exception is:

   at SharpVectors.Dom.Css.CssColor.ParseColor(String str)
   at SharpVectors.Dom.Css.CssColor..ctor(String str)
   at SharpVectors.Dom.Css.CssPrimitiveRgbValue.OnSetCssText(String cssText)
   at SharpVectors.Dom.Css.CssPrimitiveRgbValue..ctor(String cssText, Boolean readOnly)
   at SharpVectors.Dom.Css.CssPrimitiveValue.Create(Match match, Boolean readOnly)
   at SharpVectors.Dom.Css.CssValue.GetCssValue(String cssText, Boolean readOnly)
   at SharpVectors.Dom.Css.CssStyleDeclaration.GetPropertyCssValue(String propertyName)
   at SharpVectors.Dom.Css.CssStyleDeclaration.GetStylesForElement(CssCollectedStyleDeclaration csd, Int32 specificity)
   at SharpVectors.Dom.Css.CssXmlElement.GetComputedStyle(String pseudoElt)
   at SharpVectors.Dom.Svg.SvgStyleableElement.GetComputedStyle(String pseudoElt)
   at SharpVectors.Dom.Css.CssXmlElement.GetComputedCssValue(String propertyName, String pseudoElt)
   at SharpVectors.Renderers.Wpf.WpfRendering.SetClip(WpfDrawingContext context)
   at SharpVectors.Renderers.Wpf.WpfRendering.BeforeRender(WpfDrawingRenderer renderer)
   at SharpVectors.Renderers.Wpf.WpfSvgRendering.BeforeRender(WpfDrawingRenderer renderer)
   at SharpVectors.Renderers.Wpf.WpfRenderingHelper.RenderElement(ISvgElement svgElement)
   at SharpVectors.Renderers.Wpf.WpfRenderingHelper.Render(ISvgElement svgElement)
   at SharpVectors.Renderers.Wpf.WpfRenderingHelper.Render(ISvgDocument docElement)
   at SharpVectors.Renderers.Wpf.WpfDrawingRenderer.Render(ISvgDocument node)
   at SharpVectors.Converters.ImageSvgConverter.ProcessFile(String fileName, String imageFileName)
   at SharpVectors.Converters.ImageSvgConverter.Convert(String svgFileName, String imageFileName)
   at SharpVectors.Converters.ImageSvgConverter.Convert(String svgFileName)
   at PVScan.Desktop.WPF.Converters.BarcodeImageConverter.Convert(Object value, Type targetType, Object parameter, CultureInfo culture) in C:\Users\mejev\Desktop\Dev\Personal\PVScan\Source\Desktop\Windows\PVScan.Desktop.WPF\Converters\BarcodeImageConverter.cs:line 63

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  • Created 2 years ago
  • Comments:9 (2 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

paulushubcommented, Jun 9, 2021

I was actually about to make a pull request myself fixing that.

Sorry, I deprived you of that! PR are always welcomed, and there are lots of tasks and issues remaining!!!

meJevincommented, Jun 9, 2021

@paulushub I was actually about to make a pull request myself fixing that. Really love this library. Will gladly explore it more and help if I can 👍

About your solution I will try it in the next couple of days. Thank you so much.

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