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Not exact `currentPath` at array pushing

See original GitHub issue

Hi, your lib is great. I’m trying to use it in my project, but I have a problem. According to changes I want to reproduce the object and I use the currentPath and newValue fields. When I push an item to an array, the currentPath not too exact.


let data = {};

let reproduced = {};

var p = ObservableSlim.create(data, true, function(changes) {
	changes.forEach(change => {
	  _.set(reproduced, change.currentPath, change.newValue);

p.user = {
	roles: ["admin"]


setTimeout(function() {
	console.log("REPRODUCED OBJECT:", JSON.stringify(reproduced));
}, 2000);


REPRODUCED OBJECT: {"user":{"roles":"member"}}

So when I use the roles.push the currentPath doesn’t contain the index, just the property. But when I update object, the currentPath contains the property field too. I think the correct currentPath should be user.roles.1. What do you think?

Reproduce jsFiddle:

Thanks, Icebob

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  • Created 5 years ago
  • Comments:6 (3 by maintainers)

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icebobcommented, Aug 13, 2018

Hi, I tested, and it’s working properly! 👍 Maybe someone else would be useful, this is my small code which rebuilds the object by changes (uses lodash’s set & unset functions):

changes.forEach(c => {
	if (c.type == "add" || c.type == "update") {
		_.set(obj.__getTarget, c.currentPath, _.cloneDeep(c.newValue));
	} else if (c.type == "delete") {
		_.unset(obj.__getTarget, c.currentPath);
icebobcommented, Aug 11, 2018

Thanks @ElliotNB, I’m checking…

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