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Option to output "pretty" HTML paths

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Many static site generators enable you to output so-called “pretty” HTML paths, i.e. instead of /about.html they produce /about/index.html. I’ve been using iles a fair amount recently and haven’t found a way to do this. If i"m mistaken, please let me know! Otherwise, this would be very nice to have, and I’d be happy to contribute this if you can provide some pointers on the best way to do so (i.e. should this be a Vite plugin? An iles plugin? Something built into iles?).

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  • Created 10 months ago
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lucperkinscommented, Nov 23, 2022

@ElMassimo Personally, I prefer (and recommend!) separate link checks for internal and external links (which htmltest supports). To me, checking internal links is very much an every-single-PR thing whereas external link checks shouldn’t make a PR fail (because they’re dependent on factors outside your project). Lychee is great for external links but AFAICT can’t do internal or external only on a specific run. Anyhoo, not suggesting this approach is for everyone, just explaining my reasoning 😄

userquincommented, Nov 23, 2022

If you want this behavior, you could create a module which uses the extendRoutes hook, allowing you to control the output.

This can break PWA here, maybe we can protect against providing custom manifestTransform: it is working this way for example SvelteKit pwa integration:

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