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Generate native Unity sprites

See original GitHub issue

Currently, a custom scriptable object is used to represent diced sprite asset. This leads to multiple complications and issues, like the need to use a custom renderer and the lack of some core native sprite features, like animation and masking support.

The main issue stopping us from switching to the native sprites is the lack of a way to set custom texture UVs to the Sprite objects. This is, alongside with the ability to set custom mesh geometry, is essential to reconstruct the original sprite from the diced atlas texture.

In case someone have an idea how to deal with the issue, or have any info on possible upcoming changes to the Unity’s sprite API, which will allow to set the UVs, please share it in this thread.

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Elringuscommented, Jul 22, 2019

If I’ve got it right, you’re forcing the atlas to be larger just for the sake of preventing those error when creating sprites? Don’t think that’s a good idea, as the main purpose of this solution it to compress the textures as much as possible. Guess we’d have to either find some other solution or wait for Unity to allow using sprite rects without limitations.

Elringuscommented, Jul 21, 2019

Looks like everything is working, but there is one issue. When the sprite rect of a generated sprite is bigger than the atlas texture, Sprite constructor raises ArgumentException: Could not create sprite () from a () texture.:

It’s possible to provide a fake sprite rect, which is smaller or equal to the atlas texture, but in this case some features would be broken (eg, culling, pivot, editor position and scale tools, etc).

I’ll keep the unity-sprite branch until this is resolved.

Meanwhile, I’ve added asmdef and package.json files to the master branch, so it now can be used with Unity’s package manager.

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