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Access path in other components

See original GitHub issue

Is there any way to access/watch current path in components that are available in all routes for example header. I would like to show different links based on current path.

<Router url="{url}">
    <Route path="/welcome" component="{Welcome}" />
    <Route path="/login" component="{Login}" />

<!-- AppHeader -->
  {#if currentPath != '/login' }
    <Link to="/login">Login</Link>
  <Link to="/welcome">Go Back</Link>

Is there any preferred way to day this?

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kysoniccommented, Jun 19, 2019

@iamfrntdv How about the following approach?

import {getContext} from 'svelte';
import {ROUTER} from 'svelte-routing/src/contexts';
const { activeRoute } = getContext(ROUTER);

$: {
LaughingBubbacommented, Jan 8, 2020

Thanks @kysonic, your solution works fine for me.

I moved my <navbar> component to be in scope of the <Router>

	<NavBar isLoggedIn={isLoggedIn} loggedInUser={loggedInUser} />
	<Route exact path="/">
		<Home isLoggedIn={isLoggedIn} loggedInUser={loggedInUser} />
	<Route path="/panels" component={Panels} />
	<Route path="/users" component={Users} />
	<Route path="/login" component={Login} />

	<Route path="*" component={NotFound} />

Then on the <NavBar> component:

  import { getContext } from 'svelte'
  import { ROUTER } from 'svelte-routing/src/contexts'
  var { activeRoute } = getContext(ROUTER)

    {#if !isLoggedIn && ($activeRoute ? $activeRoute.uri : '') != '/login'}
      <button type="button" on:click={()=>navigate('/login')}>Login</button>
    {:else if isLoggedIn}
      <span >{loggedInUser.displayName ? loggedInUser.displayName : ''}</span>
      <button type="button" on:click={logout} outline>Logout</button>

This way the the login button doesn’t get displayed on the <navbar> when the user is on the \login route

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