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Nested routes syntax means you can't have a single top-level 404 handler

See original GitHub issue

When you take the example project in this repo, App.svelte says that everything under blog/* is a valid url, to be handled by the Blog component. The Blog component only accepts first, second and third as valid sub-URLs. What if you go to /blog/fourth? This needs to be “caught” inside the Blog component with a pathless <Route>, it can’t be handled in the main App.svelte file.

That means that if you have multiple “top level routes” that all accept /* to be handled in nested routers, you now have to add 404 handling to all these nested routers. Worse, if your nested routers actually show nested content, this means that your 404 component is now potentially shown inside of (multiple) parent layouts.

It’s too easy to forget to add 404 handling to a subrouter, because you expect the top level router to catch these URLs. And showing the 404 page inside a nested layout is often not great either.

As an example, when I go to /campaigns/abc/locations/nonexistingid I can only show the 404 component inside my nested layout, since the ``/campaigns/abc/locations` is valid and handled by 2 levels of routers.

Screen Shot 2020-04-19 at 01 28 35

And again, it needs to be handled like this inside every nested router.

Worse, it makes it impossible to catch some invalid routes due to the need to use /* in the parent router. For example inside my location detail page I have a route for the edit modal.

  <a href="/locations/{}/edit">edit</a>

  <Route path="edit">
    <EditModal on:close={() => navigate(`/locations/${}`)} {location} />

But for this to work, the parent router needs to be like this:

  <Route path="{}/*"><Location {location} /></Route>

But this means that if I go to /campaigns/abc/locations/xyz/lalalala, there is no 404 shown anywhere, it just shows the location detail page as if nothing happened. Maybe not a huge problem in this particular instance, but you shouldn’t be able to type in random stuff behind a url and it just keeps on working.

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robomaticcommented, Apr 21, 2020

Some further issues. Seems from within nested routers default routes the path must include the root route then nest route. <Route><button on:click={()=> navigate('root/nest1')}>button</button></Route> However from within named nested route you can leave that root route out. <Route path="nest1"><button on:click={()=> navigate('nest2')}>button</button></Route>

EmilTholincommented, May 19, 2020

Hi @kevinrenskers!

Yes, this is very unfortunate problem that we have no satisfying solution to at the moment. It is complicated further by that this needs to work synchronously in one pass on the server as well, so having fallback handling that bubbles up to the nearest parent route is (to my current understanding) impossible.

I will look into this more seriously when I have the time and see if there is something that can be done about it.

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